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Fun time sessions!

In response to parental requests we have decided to offer 2 1/2 hour sessions to families who wish to give their children an opportunity to learn and play alongside same aged peers but who did not require extended nursery hours at this point in time.




We have been asked on many occasions over the years whether we would provide shorter sessions, similar to playgroups, to cater for the needs of families who just wish to give their children the social experience of nursery, to build independence skills and to be away from family for shorter periods. Often, these requests have come from families where one parent does not work and is at home with the children all day. Other times, requests have come from parents who wish to get back into work but whilst job hunting, want their child to be settled into nursery in a calm manner. Particularly as children get a little older and approach school age, parents often recognise the need for them to develop skills which will be required to succeed in school and they particularly recognise the social benefits which nursery offers.




Our 2 1/2 hour sessions will be available both morning and afternoon and in our pre-school groups.




Charges for the shorter sessions will be £15 per time. Sessions are available through the medium of English or Welsh.

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