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We have a large garden area which is utilized by all of the children. There are two hard surface areas which are well equipped with a variety of wheeled toys and other play equipment. The children grow their own flowers and vegetables in low level beds. We keep wet weather clothing and encourage families to keep wellington boots in nursery at all times so that outdoor play can take place with the children every day.

Children spend time outside every day unless the weather makes this impossible.


At Red Balwn Coch we provide a language rich environment and all our focused activities (in line with the Foundation Phase/Birth to three) are planned according to the developmental stage of the children.

All our children participate in active learning experiences promoting the development of decision making and problem solving skills.

Throughout the day all age groups follow a set routine. Children undertake activities such as messy play, sand and water play, art and craft, cooking, language and play, story and quiet time.

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"At Red Balwn Coch the organisation is excellent. Erin has been given a lot of attention and encouragement which has developed her self-confidence. I have felt very involved due to the great communication with staff at the end of each day. Erin has been very happy in the nursery due largely to the great staff members. Erin’s Welsh has progressed really well. Many thanks!"

Erin’s mum

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At Red Balwn Coch we acknowledge that early food experiences can set patterns for life. The importance of giving children health-building and delicious food is prioritised and every effort is made to ensure that, in line with our child centered atmosphere, mealtimes are designed as another enjoyable event in the children’s day. All children are involved in menu preparation and helping to prepare food and have opportunities to cook. Our older children are encouraged to participate in serving themselves to promote choice and independence.


Within Balwn Coch we obtain the views of children prior to preparing a menu and then it is the cook's responsibility to create the menu using the children's views and to ensure that the menu conforms with the nutritional guidelines. Our qualified cook is responsible for the preparation of well balanced, nutritious menus across the nursery.


We are pleased to have gained the 5* Food Hygiene Rating in September 2016 as well as the Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award PLUS in March 2016!


Please click here to find a copy of our spring/summer menu!

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Inspection report

Please click here to view our inspection report.

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