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By z4027795930, Apr 29 2017 04:33PM

Charity Book Trust has revealed their research identifying that new parents lose the equivalent of four weeks sleep per year.

The charity surveyed 1000 families of children up to the age of three years as part of its 'Bath, Book, Bed ' campaign. The research also identified that where children follow a strong bedtime routine of 'Bath, Book, Bed' they are more relaxed for sleep and get up less often during the night.

By z4027795930, Apr 29 2017 04:27PM

Research published recently has found that children in the UK have higher anxiety and lower life satisfaction. The study focused on 540,000 15 year olds from 34 different countries . 28% of the children studied from the UK were 'very satisfied' with their lives by comparison with the OECD average of 34 percent.

What does this mean for settings? The Education Policy Institute argues that nurseries should consider the role they can play in improving children's wellbeing through early intervention and social and emotional support for children.

At Red Balwn we have always seen children's wellbeing (in all its aspects) as central to what we do. A happy, settled , confident child who feels valued, protected, loved and appreciated is always going to be in a much better place than a child who doesn't. Nurseries, dealing with very young, vulnerable and impressionable children have a huge responsibility to ensure that their emotional and social needs are at the very top of the agenda.


By z4027795930, Apr 3 2017 02:34PM

Public Health England has carried out a survey together with the NHS looking at rates of breastfeeding amongst new Mums. They surveyed 500 new mothers and found that nearly 75% started breastfeeding but that less than 50% continue after the first 6 to 8 weeks.

Guidelines recommend breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months as a means of boosting babies immunity to illness and infection.

One of the concerns mothers had was around the issue of breastfeeding in public.


By z4027795930, Apr 3 2017 02:30PM

The Royal College of Surgeons has published a study of NHS data which identifies that there has been an almost 25% increase in teh number of young children (under 5 years of age) having teeth extracted.

The number has risen by 24% in the last 10 years.

Basic rules of good teeth hygiene need to start early. At Red Balwn Coch we particpate in the Designed to Smile scheme which ensures children are taught to clear their teeth effectively every day.


Designed to Smile is an NHS Dental programme funded by the Welsh Government helping children to have healthier teeth.

By z4027795930, Mar 12 2017 06:35PM

The starting point for all teaching and learning in the nursery is that it should always be fun. Whatever we want the children to learn, we know that unless they enjoy the activities , unless the learning is embedded in the environment and routines of the setting it will not be as successful as it could be.

We recognise the imortance of a maths rich environment where mathematical labels, signs , displays and resources are all evident. Staff cover all aspects of maths , rather than just a focus upon colours, numbers and shape. Children are taught to count, sort, match, identify patterns, solve problems, ask questions and make connections.

Nationally, boys learning in maths is now less good than that of boys according to the statistics. Staff need therefore also to consider how best to engage boys in maths activities.

Children make their own numberlines

Children practise using money by this being available in the home corner / shop / post office

Outdoors maths resources are made available eg. huge dice, skittles, hopscotch, magnetic number board

Counting songs and rhymes

Counting resources and games

Using number language and maths language as part of the usual routine of the nursery day

Encouraging estimation eg. how many sandwiches should we make for tea?

Using maths to solve everyday problems

Using language around measure

Staff recognise the importance of embedding maths in their everyday practise and offering it to children as a matter of course on a daily basis. They are aware of the need to make resources accessible and attractive to the children.

Number puzzles. Shape and Space
Number puzzles. Shape and Space
Counting one to one correspondence
Counting one to one correspondence
Patterns and Measure
Patterns and Measure
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