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Supporting Wellbeing

By z4027795930, Jul 15 2017 03:40PM

Recently, wellbeing has become a hot topic with legislation around this being rolled out and schools and nursery settings being judged on their practise in promoting children's wellbeing as a matter of priority.

Wellbeing encompasses many things. There is physicaly wellbeing - at Red Balwn we promote children having significant outdoor time, plenty of physical exercise, tooth brushing, building independence skills such as toiletting and dressing and all of these come under the wellbeing umbrella.

There are however a whole range of other areas which also come under the wellbeing banner and which are much more in line with social, emotional , behavioural skills of children than their physical health.

At Red Balwn we work to ensure that all children feel respected, valued and listened to. We ensure they build a strong relationship with their key worker (someone who is there especially for them, who spends a good deal of time talking to, playing with and caring for them ). We notice children's positive behaviours and praise these , thus informing the child we like what they are doing and know that they will do it again.

We prepare children for change because we know that change can be unsettling. We ask children for their views - because they are important and we value what they think. We support children to develop good emotional skills and behaviours, to manage their feelings and actions and we model how to do this. We encourage children to develop resilience (an ability to keep going when things are tough and an ability to bounce back from adversity).

Overall, there are many strands to wellbeing however each is hugely important in terms of a child's development, their view of themselves and of others. At Red Balwn we prioritise wellbeing across the day because a child who feels positive about themselves, who feels they are important , loved and respected will be a happy child who is sociable, interested in learning and confident in their abilities to cope with the world.

Following the child's interest and offering choices promotes wellbeing
Following the child's interest and offering choices promotes wellbeing
Supporting strong physical skills
Supporting strong physical skills
Shared interests and focus promote wellbeing
Shared interests and focus promote wellbeing
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