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Supporting Boys Writing

By z4027795930, Jun 4 2017 12:20PM

Why is it that boys tend not to do as well as girls in early writing skills? Boys have a tendancy to be reluctant writers, to not enjoy mark making activities in the way that girls do. Are their fine motor skills less well developed? What will encourage boys to write? It is vital that those involved in boys early learning experiences in this area really tune into their interests and provide learning opportunities which young boys can relate to.

What do we know and therefore put into practise?

Boys will more readily engage in a writing task if there is something that particularly interests them within that. Using role play areas to encourage boys to mark make can be highly beneficial eg. providing clip boards within a make believe garage so the mechanic can take notes.

Offering a variety of mark making opportunities is more likely to encourage exploration. This should include , for instance, pens, pencils, crayons, paint as well as more unusual experiences such as using water sprays.

Electronic methods of recording markings can be useful and again may encourage certain children to write and to take a pride in what they produce.

The bones in young girls hands develop at approximately 4 years and 2 months whilst those in boys develop later, at approximately 5 years and 6 months. This difference may account for some of the hesitancy around writing on the part of young boys however consideration of the overall developmental level of the individual child is obviously important too.

Activities to strengthen fine motor skills used widely in nursery include:

modelling - with play-doh, using junk materials, clay etc.

Drawing - a wide variety of stationery items are available freely

Washing - use of sponges, cloths, water trays , buckets encourage children to make circular movements as well as up and down.

Finger gym - gives a particular focus upon physical exercises to strengthen finger muscles in a fun way.

Developing Fine Motor Skills
Developing Fine Motor Skills
Finger Gym
Finger Gym
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