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Physical Play

By z4027795930, Apr 29 2017 04:51PM

Very young children love to be physically busy. They like to move, crawl, walk, climb, kick, throw. Movement increases muscles , strengthens bone development and even helps to set children's rhythm and routine. Children who are more active tend to sleep better.

Children learn, through physical play, about spatial awareness, how to move around objects, under, over and through them. They learn about speed and distance , they learn to balance and co-ordinate their movements.

In terms of emotional wellbeing, children gain confidence through their increasing physical skills. They are keen to show off what they can do, 'Watch this!'

Children engaged in physical play will often be playing imaginatively at the same time. They may be a knight riding a horse, a superhero running along a wall , they could be climbing a castle or digging for treasure.

Playing outdoors with other children develops social skills. The children learn to share, take turns, wait for each other, employ rules to their games and generally co-operate with peers.

How can we help children to enjoy the outdoors?

Visit a park regularly. Young children will love to explore the space and equipment available - even on a wet day when their favourite activity may be splashing in the puddles.

Have some cheap and cheerful outdoor equipment to hand. A ball and something to ride on will give hours of fun as will a sand / water container and someting to dig with.

Finally, children love it when the adults join in with them in physical play. Whether it be a nature walk, a swim , a trip to the local wood or seaside or purely kicking a ball about in the garden this offers a really enjoyable and healthy way of spending time with your child.

This is fun!
This is fun!
Swing high , Swing low
Swing high , Swing low
Outdoor play is great fun  in all weathers
Outdoor play is great fun in all weathers
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